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Tue - Sep 3

Tue - Sep 3

We allowed ourselves to sleep later, 8am, and at 9:15 were out to find some Fruhstuck. We woke to a glorious sunny day, which would hit 77 degrees today.

We took the S2 to Marienplatz, 2 stops from our hotel and found a cafe on the square where we had scrambled eggs with diced ham, toast,oj and coffee for 18 euros total, which certainly beat the 19 euro/pp continental breakfast at the Hilton.

After breakfast we took the Rick Steves walking tour of the city, taking in Peterskirche, The Old Castle, the famous Hofbrauhaus where would stop in later to check out the interior), The National theater, Residenz, Odeon Sq, Theatinerkirche, window shopping the Five Courtyards shops, Frauenkirche and Viktualienmarkt. This stroll took us until 1:30 to complete and we took a time out for a cup of gelato, finding a bench in the Viktualienmarkt where we were able to people watch. This place is full of food vendors, flower vendors, beer vendors. We came upon picnic tables full of tourists drinking beer of all kinds in mugs the size of a VW Bug. It is amazing how much beer is consumed here.

After our gelato break, we took the S Bahn to the train station where we would connect to the U Bahn to get to the Museum quarter. We wanted to also check out where we would go to pick up the car on Thursday so we won't be trying to figure that all out with luggage. We had debated to taking the hop-on, hop-off bus but we had already seen the city sights that they were charging 20 euros to see. So we nixed that idea for the day and took the U Bahn to the Alte Pinakothek where we spent 2.5 hrs getting our fill of Old Masters. By now our backs were ready to give out and our feet were ready for some relaxation. We headed back to Viktualienmarkt and got a quick meal there. Karen had schnitzel with potato salad and cole slaw and Mikey quickly found the seafood stalls, where he had sole and grilled shrimp with fried potatoes. We joined the rest of the tourists on the picnic tables for a great meal.

The entire area is a sea of picnic type tables with long bench seats where you end up sitting next to no one you know, but makes for meeting new people.

We finished out meal about 6:30 and decided to take a look at the Hofbrauhouse to see what all the fuss is about. It is indeed worth a peak. Tons of tables and everyone drinking those VW size tankards of beer. Oompah bands were playing and people were obviously enjoying themselves. We took an outside table across for a mini cheesecake and coffee at the Hard Rock Cafe. We decided a 10-hr day was good for our first day out and headed back to the hotel at 7:30.

We have found Munich to be a very walkable city, easy to get around, and the S-Bahn & U-Bahn very cheap convenient and easy to figure out.

Auf Wiedersehen for now :)

Waiting For Breakfast


In Front Of The Rathouse (Town Hall)


Theatinerkirke Church




Nordsee Fish Market


Viktualien Market




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Departure Arrival & First Day

Munich, September 1 & 2

Germany & Austria 2013

Sun/Mon - Sep 1, 2

The plane that will take us to London leaves London at 11:35am their time and arrives DFW at 3:45, on time. Just some background information.

W got to security at 4pm and there was nobody there. Each of us had our own TSA feeler-upper. we also learned that our Global Entry cards, while covering us when we return home do nothing for International outbound. So the usual belts, shoes and Ziplocs apply. The exception we are told is domestic. For that you can stay dressed, keep your shoes on, etc. But, we were done in 3 minutes.

So we eat and go to the gate. At 6pm they start boarding. At 6:10 they stop. They have discovered just then that the plane, a 747, has a flat tire. they didn't notice it for the three prior hours. They deboard everyone. But 45
minutes later it's fixed and we leave just 45 minutes late. There were a bunch of children in our cabin, including one newborn on the bulkhead but surprisingly not a peep and we were able to sleep, or at least a close approximation to it. We arrived London just 30 minutes late.

From then on things go normal and being Platinum really pays off as British Air has a Fast Track process and we avoid some fairly long lines at security, because even though we are on the air side and with bags checked through to Munich they route you to another security checkpoint.

The flight Munich is short, 90 minutes, and the 8 month baby sitting in its mother's lap in the middle seat right next to Karen has the cutest smile even when screaming like a banshee.

We also liked arriving in Munich and collecting our bags. We got one of them then after 20 minutes the convey or stopped and a supervisor announced that there were no more bags. He did call to find out why a dozen people were missing bags, but with no answer had us start filling out the missing bag and customs declaration form, which had no place to tell them where to deliver the baggage to once found, except your home. God has a sense of humor. About three minutes later some guy pushing a dolly had about a dozen bags stacked on it, including ours. We were out of there fast and off to the S-Bahn train to Munich with some help from the couple who sat next to Karen with the screaming kid although truthfully it didn't bother her because she was ao cute and smiled at her all the time. They live in Munich and were going to the same train invited us to follow them.

About 30 minutes later we were under Hilton and in our room by 5:15.

A quick unpack, freshen up, and out. It was a bit cloudy and had rained earlier, and only 17 degrees C, (68 F), but otherwise nice. Quick two stop train to Marienplatz for some walking and gawking, and identifying the routes we'll follow tomorrow. Then dinner as we hadn't eaten since breakfast.

Nice Italian place where I got to practice my miniscule German mixed with Italian with our waiter who spoke both fluently. This time Karen did not get Pizza, instead a Spaghetti Bolognese while I got a Frito Misto, and both came with nice sized salads, tea and wine. Finished off dinner with a Tiramisu and a fruit torte.

Walked around some more but by 8pm it was obvious we had had it so we returned to finish the unpacking, wash, and get ready for sleep after the blog work.

So, tomorrow's forecast is sunny and Wednesday and Thursday mid 80's.

No pictures tonight.

Guten Nacht y'all.

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Germany & Austria Itinerary

This is our itinerary showing where we are staying each night. We pick up the car when we leave Munich and return it on arrival in Vienna.

Sun.........Sep 1......DFW – London
Mon........Sep 2......London to Munich
Tues........Sep 3......Munich
Wed ........Sep 4......Munich
Thu.........Sep 5......Munich to Fussen
Fri...........Sep 6......Fussen
Sat..........Sep 7......Fussen to Mittenwald
Sun.........Sep 8......Mittenwald
Mon........Sep 9......Mittenwald to Salzburg
Tue.........Sep 10.....Salzburg
Wed........Sep 11.....Salzburg
Thu.........Sep 12.....Salzburg
Fri...........Sep 13.....Salzburg to Hallstatt
Sat..........Sep 14.....Hallstatt to Weissenkirchen
Sun.........Sep 15.....Weissenkirchen to Vienna
Mon........Sep 16.....Vienna
Tue..........Sep 17....Vienna
Wed........Sep 18.....Vienna
Thu.........Sep 19.....Vienna to London Heathrow Airport
Fri............Sep 20....London to DFW

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